How To Gain Muscle Mass

Hi there! I’m your online Coach Lourdes. I’m guessing you happened to stumble across my blog because you wanna get muscular or are overweight and wanna transform. Whatever the reason is, I’ll guide you through.

Now, just so you know I’m not just anybody. I’m a professional female body builder and won several competitions so you can trust I have credibility.


1. Get A Good Meal Plan


Protein,protein,protein! This is the most vital for muscle mass. Your body uses it to build and repair tissue. Make sure you eat this daily or almost daily. Lean proteins include, Fish,Chicken,Pork, you catch my drift. Another thing that is vital for muscle mass is milk. This is whats gonna make your bones strong which in turn lets you lift heavier weights. After every meal, drink milk and a protein bar. A soda every now and then wouldn’t hurt but try to stick to water,fruit juices,and milk 80% of the time.
Personally, my day usually goes like this:
Break fast
8 Boiled eggs,2 Whole eggs,A serving of peppers and spinach, and a bowl of oatmeal.
7oz of lean protein [Fish,Chicken,Turkey,Steak],Brown Rice & Sweet potato.
Post Workout [Noon]
Protein powder shake and starch.
About a hour later, I have a solid meal of:
Meat,Complex carbs[Whole wheat pasta,brown rice,sweet potato] and a serving of spinach.
Healthy fats [Avocado,Almonds,or Olive oil], Any type of meat, and veggies.
So, after you get a good plan and find what works for you [every ones different, if your more of a smaller person or have less of an appetite then tone it down a bit till your body adapts. Vice versa if your a bigger person.]
We go on to step 2.
2. Take Your Body To Its Limits
In order for your muscle to grow bigger you have to shock it.. no I’m not saying with electricity. Uh-hum let me rephrase myself. You have to stimulate muscle growth and in order to do this you have to train yourself to endure longer. For example, If Bill lifts 50 lbs dumbbells and doesn’t notice any gains it’s because 50 lbs isn’t cutting it anymore and he should try curling something way out of his league like 60-65 lbs to feel “the burn” with 5 reps and a break to start off. This process is called forced reps and as unattractive as the name is it is actually effective!
Now, onto the final step. We covered good meal plans and muscle growth strategy.

3. Find A Day For Every Body Part.

You don’t wanna be looking like this guy don’t you?
Every dedicated body builder or fitness enthusiast knows this. For example, have a calendar looking like this:
Monday: Arms[Deltoids,Triceps,Biceps]
Tuesday: Back [Traps, Lower back]
You might be thinking this is a simple step but with this step you isolate your muscle area day by day so that by the end of the week you worked out your body overall and in weeks will see dramatic gains!
Best of luck and warm regards,
Any questions feel free to post below.